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You need a clear roadmap for success.

As a broker, you’re faced with non-stop changes, whether they are regulatory, technological or the ever-changing needs of your clients.

You’ve invested time and money into your business. If you are unable to skillfully navigate through these areas, you may not succeed.

Do you have a general agency that can stand with you in all areas of your business to ensure that you have the strategy, training and tools to reach your full potential?

See What Your Brokerage Is Missing

At Choice Insurance Agency, we run our general agency from a broker’s perspective and we partner with you to develop a plan that will position you for lifelong success in your career.

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We will help you compete to win.

The Choice Advantage gives your business the winning edge. This includes access to the most innovative and high performing technology tools for you and your clients.

You’ll have the confidence of knowing that our team is here to help and will always act with the utmost care and attention.

Achieve your dreams – let’s get started.

When you schedule a complimentary strategy session with our broker team, you take the first step to transforming your business.

Ross Oftedahl - Head of Group General Agency

Achieve what you’ve only dreamed of!

Contact our Broker Sales Manager, Ross Oftedahl today to get the conversation started. 757-320-4847 or

Strengthen your client relationships with added value.

Gift your clients’ employees the tools they need for financial success. As a Choice broker you’ll have exclusive access to, a financial education experience with assessments, videos, courses and more – offered at no cost to your brokerage.
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