Section 125
(Cafeteria Plans)

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Your role as a broker in today's world is much more than being an insurance agent.

You need to serve as a consultant assisting your clients in navigating the benefit landscape, which includes not only insurance products but also compliance, documentation, waiting period counsel and contribution strategy.

Be proactive in your clients Section 125 planning and documentation.

Section 125 “Cafeteria Plans” get their name from the fact that they let employees to pick and choose benefits from a menu of options.

Cafeteria Plans, which are governed by Section 125 of the Internal Revenue Code, allow your clients to save money by paying for group health insurance premiums, out-of-pocket medical expenses, the cost of dependent care and other expenses with tax-free cash.

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Expand your product offering and enhance your service level for your clients.

Our team of trusted broker managers can help you offer the right Section 125 resources you need to offer your clients the comprehensive relationship they expect.

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