Alternative Funding

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Help your clients curb the cost of healthcare.

Employees are your group clients’ most valuable customers. It’s critical that they come up with fresh approaches to attract and keep outstanding talent.

The norm is to always be developing new strategies to stay competitive, especially when offering their employees a robust health benefits package. The cost to retain this norm is often too expensive for smaller companies.

Traditional fully funded insurance may no longer meet the needs of small businesses.

Providing alternate funding packages to your small group clients can assist them in finding the group health benefits that best meet their needs and budget.

Employers are switching to self funded and level funded insurance.

As more small businesses seek alternatives to health care packages, they need a broker who can guide them through their options.

It’s important to familiarize yourself with the advantages and risks of alternative funding, so you can be at the ready.

As a Choice broker, you’ll have access to the most up-to-date information and resources to help your clients make the best decisions.

A few of the potential benefits of alternative funding options:

Choice Broket advise about alternative funding to health care packages
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You want to equip your clients with the knowledge they need to make smart group health plan decisions. We can help.

How we help you set up alternative funding for your clients.

  1. Arrange for a no-obligation strategy consultation with one of our recognized broker managers in your area.
  2. We’ll work with you to assess your present small group client needs and recommend solutions to help you grow revenue, strengthen client relationships and diversify your client portfolio.
  3. You’ll have the services and support you need to focus on giving your customers more choices, boosting your return on investment.
  4. If you and your client agree on an alternative funding solution, we’ll walk you through the implementation process and provide guidance throughout the year and at renewal to ensure the best possible result.

When they are successful, you are successful.

Let us show you how you can equip your clients with the knowledge they need to get the best group health plans for their employees. Contact us at 757-422-6729 or complete the form to the left and we will follow-up to assist you directly.

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