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Gift your clients' employees the tools they need for financial success.

As a Choice broker, you have complimentary access to a unique resource not available through any other general agency—

A financial education experience offered at no cost to your brokerage.

Your clients will appreciate the additional benefit that increases employee motivation and productivity while decreasing their financial stress.

$250 billion per year is what team member financial stress costs employers.1
It doesn’t have to be that way for your clients.
Help them be one of the 57% of employers who claim that financial education boosts productivity.2


We believe that financial freedom begins with financial education.

FreedomU is an on-demand financial learning center. 

Using a mix of videos, articles, and mini-assessments, FreedomU provides a comprehensive education on creating wealth and using and creating debt, plus other economic and career-building topics.

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Who should use FreedomU?

Perfect for all your clients regardless of their employees’ current level of financial education. 

This benefit is a “smart program” that uses mini-assessments before starting a course, and then automatically adapts to a user’s level of knowledge.

How do you get access to FreedomU?

As a Choice broker, FreedomU is no cost to you to offer to your clients… and of course, no cost to them

We even provide you with marketing toolkits that can help your clients’ employees sign-up and start using it right away. 

You’ll be helping them increase their employees’ financial literacy, decrease their financial stress and improve their productivity.

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3 popular FreedomU tools to help your clients’ employees take action and start achieving their goals.

Your Money Personality

Understand the “why” behind your money decisions with our behavioral assessment

Retirement Analyzer

Find out if you’re on track for retirement in 2 minutes or less

Credit Card Pay Down

Compare fast and proven credit card pay down strategies

Gift your clients FreedomU today!

As an added value, we’d like to invite you to gift this resource to your clients. It’s another way for you to show how much you care about their business. 

It can even help them set their benefits package above other employers and aid in securing top talent for their team. 

Complete the enrollment form, and we’ll connect you with a broker ambassador to answer your questions and get you set-up to start offering this resource.

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